A Guide to the Palm Casino Resort Hotel in Las Vegas

If you are planning on taking a vacation to Las Vegas then you may be looking for a hotel to stay at that has a casino. The Palm Casino Resort is one of the most luxurious hotels in Las Vegas that you can stay at. Before booking your stay at the Palm Casino Resort you may be trying to find out a little bit of information about the hotel. This guide to the Palm Casino Resort hotel will provide you with all of the information that you will need to help you decide on whether or not you want to book with them.

Palm Casino Resort Average Nightly Rate
The average nightly rate at the Palm Casino Resort is only $79 dollars a night. This is by far one of the cheapest rates that you will ever find for a hotel in Las Vegas.

Palm Casino Resort Property Amenities
The Palm Casino Resort hotel has some great property amenities that you can enjoy while you are staying with them. In case you were wondering, the hotel does in fact have a pool that you can swim in so bring your bathing suit! Perhaps you would rather relax in their Jacuzzi that’s directly adjacent to the pool. The hotel also has a babysitting service that you can access for when you want to head down to the casino without your kids.

Palm Casino Resort Location
The Palm Casino Resort Hotel is conveniently located one mile west of the Las Vegas Strip. This is the perfect location for any Las Vegas Vacation because you are never too far away from where you want to go in the city of lights. The hotel is also two miles away from the University of Nevada and three miles away from Fashion Show Mall.

Palm Casino Resort Guest Reviews
Before booking your stay at the Palm Casino Resort you may want to read some of the other reviews that other people have written about the hotel. Most people say that the staff is extremely helpful and that they loved their stay at the hotel. You may want to read one of the following /The Siena Hotel Spa Casino in Reno, Nevada: A Review/The Siena Hotel Spa Casino is about as “upscale” as you’ll get in Reno. It still isn’t quite Las Vegas swank, but the pricing is better and I thought the treatment was a lot better too. For the money, and for a vacation to the Biggest Little City, this one really isn’t a bad choice at all.

Room decor is nice, fairly modern, turn-down service is very good and everything is kept well. Some rooms have views of the Truckee River, even, almost making you forget you are vacationing in Reno. There’s also quite a few perks – free WiFi and ethernet access in all of the rooms, mini refrigerators with a free supply of bottled water refreshed during the turn downs, complimentary gym with free towel service, and free parking with free valet as well (but do tip and don’t be an Ugly American Tourist.) I know the suites get free champagne and chocolate covered strawberries delivered to the room as a nighttime perk as well, but I’m not sure if they do this for the regular rooms unless you’re on some sort of a spa package deal.

A standard room by itself is about $80 to $100 per night depending on how many beds you want. The suites run more from $150 to $300 per night, but there’s a number of two and three-day packages where you get spa access and treatments combined with your room for about $200-300. The lady friend and I were on the comp and thus not shelling out for such packages, so we inhabited a standard room for a couple of nights and found it totally satisfactory. The regular rate would have been $80 per night for this, which wouldn’t even get you a crappy room in downtown San Francisco and many other cities.

The location is a bit farther off of downtown, which I guess could be bad for you if you just want to roll out of the hotel and walk everywhere, but I liked it. It was just far enough out to cut down on the drunkard WOOHOO elements in the streets every night, but still a cheap cab ride (or the free Reno shuttle bus service) from all the main attractions. I think it’s less than a mile directly south of the main cluster of casinos downtown, so it’s not like you are way out in the boondocks.

They have a special going until the end of the summer where any room for any amount of nights gets you $20 in either dining credits or slot play. Here’s a tip – take the food. There’s nothing wrong with the casino here, I guess, but I preferred to spend my gaming time in the Peppermill across town (and I don’t play slots anyway.) Games in house are blackjack, craps, roulette, various video slots and poker, and most of the table games seemed to be running past midnight.

As far as eateries go, there’s Lexie’s on the River, which is a nice riverwalk type indoor or outdoor setting with more “upscale” fare at around $20 per head with light drinks involved. Not a bad place if you want a steak or some seafood, but there’s better deals farther afield. If you just want a decent, nicer restaurant convenient to your room, however, this does the job and the riverwalk setting is admittedly a lot more relaxing than a casino restaurant. The Contrada Cafe is open 24 hours, and the main reason to stop here is the pasta of the day for $4.95, which is often something with meat like spaghetti and meatballs or lasagna. There’s also a wine cellar and tasting bar called Enoteca, which I didn’t investigate due to not much caring for wine.

I’m not much for spas either but the lady friend reports that they offer hydrotherapy, vinotherapy (rubbing pulp from the wine making process into the skin apparently), “Fizz Fridays”, yoga classes and manicures. On the more manly, gambling end of things, there seem to be a ton of regular promos running, but the only one I personally got around to investigating was the regular Monday night blackjack tournament which offers a grand prize of $500 to the winner.

This place is about as “nice” as you’re gonna get for Reno, I do believe. If you’re more focused on gaming I’d check out the Peppermill, which has comparably good rooms but a much better casino in-house. If you just want a relaxing vacation at an OK price and plan to keep the gaming minimal, however, this one is the choice.

Siena Hotel Spa Casino
1 S. Lake Street
Reno, NV 89501
# 1-877-SIENA-33

Henry Adams