Affiliate Programs, an Overview

What are the major benefits of joining an affiliate program? Why would I join an affiliate program? What are affiliate programs? How do affiliate programs work? How do affiliate programs payout? Can you really make money with affiliate programs? These are many of the questions a budding netrepreneur (Internet Entrepreneur) may ask themselves as they begin to build their online money making empire. Let’s have a look at these questions.

What are the major benefits of joining an affiliate program?

There’s no money or effort to develop or maintain a product or service yourself. You don’t have to carry any inventory. No Shipping costs. You don’t have to worry about future support. Most affiliate programs already include highly targeted marketing material for their product or service that you are free to use in your personal campaign.

Why would I join an affiliate program?

Well, basically with a little “front-end” effort you can join (typically at no cost), setup your affiliate link(s), add it to your existing web site or blog, then sit back and start collecting a nice passive income. This part of the process truly is simple and fairly easy to accomplish, but in the end there is on-going effort to promote your web site or blog to bring interested consumers to your web site or blog.

What are affiliate programs?

Affiliate Programs consist of company offered, for-sale, products and or services. Said company sets up a profit sharing program in which you get a portion of each sale that comes through your affiliate link to their for-sale web site.

How do affiliate programs work?

Direct Sales: Whenever someone “clicks through” from your Web site or blog to the affiliate web site and makes a purchase, and the purchase is confirmed, you will receive a portion of the sale to your affiliate account. What a great way to create “passive income.” The possibilities can get even better though, because most affiliate web sites offer referral and or residual income opportunities.

Referrals: Basically you offer the same opportunity that you are doing to someone else, and if they join the affiliate program (under you) through your referral link, and become an active member of your referral team, then you will receive a small portion of the profit from your referral’s sales. In many cases these referral programs will have 2, 3 or more levels of referral. What this means is that as you add people to your team, and they add people to their teams you will receive a small portion of the profits as many levels deep as the affiliate program allows. Therefore the potential to create residual income through referrals can be limitless.

Residual Income: Residual income is my favorite concept. Basically you put in your front-end effort and once you make a sale you get to, on-going, collect a small portion of the recurring fees for the subscription or service, until it gets canceled by the subscriber. Combine this with possible referral residual income and all I can say is simply WOW, what an opportunity.

How do affiliate programs payout?

Affiliate programs payout in different ways, checks printed/written and mailed to your address, sometimes money wire or direct deposit, Paypal, or other online money systems. When these affiliate programs payout also varies. Most of them have minimum payout balances like $20, $50 or even $100, and the frequency may vary as well, sometimes base on payout balance with weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payout times. It’s always best to review an affiliates FAQ or about page to learn how and when they process payouts.

Can you really make money with affiliate programs?

Absolutely yes! Some of these sites will have forums and payout should be discussed there. Do a search on “affiliate name” + payout in your favorite search engine and read the reviews. Sometimes individual affiliates will post their earnings, as I plan to do in the future.

Henry Adams