At the Casino

First you want to limit your dollar amount and stop playing after lets say 25.00 then look at the credit gauge to see if you’re up or down. At a quarter machines you know that a 25.00 gives you 100 credits after 20 tries see if you’re up or down. When you’re up take your 25.00 and play with the winnings, when you’re down walk to another machine. Never give up your 25.00 base credits at a machine. Learn to walk after a win; a win is a win no matter how small. Stick to the machines that are in your favor. You can also get a small counter to help you keep track whether your up or down after a win remember take your 25.00 credit cause if your down you can lose track of that 25.00 and not realize it till its too late.

TIP: (keep counters away from tables or you’ll probably get kicked out of the casino)

Black Jack Method:

Be aware of low cards 2-3-4-5-6, those are the negative cards for players to remember;

The other high cards and the ace are favorable cards for the player. Note the more low cards that are out of the decks increase your chances of winning. Take the last seat on the left side of the table so you can see the cards that are being played. If you count six low cards there’s a favorable situation for the house. On the next play if you count 10 the next play is in the player’s favor this is done with a 21 card average with 7 players adjust the average with the number of players. A nice way to remember the cards that are counted is to use a chip visualize a clock on the chip choose a letter on the chip point that letter up that will be 12:00 neutral. If it’s favorable to the player rotate to 1:00 if your at 12:00 and its unfavorable rotate to 11:00. So 1:00-2:00-3:00 positive 9:00-10:00-11:00 negative. Move the chip as you asses the situation this way you’ll know the amount to bet as without looking like your counting cards. (people will think you have nervous tendencies instead)

Remember your only using half the clock on the chip 4-5-6-7-8 are irrelevant on the chip clock.

Henry Adams