Betting Advice: Atlanta Hawks NBA Championship Future 251!

The Atlanta Hawks are currently 22 games over .500, just beat the Los Angeles Lakers (the overall favorite at 9/4) and are getting no respect in Las Vegas. As of now the Boston Celtics are still playing, but at best will have the same record as the Hawks by the end of the night. The Celtics are 10/1, while the hawks are more than twice the underdog. So you’re probably wondering what is the Hawks head to head record with the Boston Celtics right?

Answer: 4-0

That’s right, the Atlanta Hawks are 4-0 against the Celtics, a team who has the same record but is given way too much credit for being a team two years removed from a Championship. Getting the Hawks at 25-1, or even 20-1 is a steal and should be done immediately!Possibly it is their franchise history that is coming into play, but whatever it is I see it as a glaring mistake. Johnson, Crawford, Smith, Horford, all deserve credit for an incredible season along with Bibby and Marvin Williams. The Hawks will make a deep run, and depending on how the East plays out, could be competing for the Eastern Conference Championship.

Atlanta’s first round opponents could include the Heat, Bobcats, or Bucks. The Bucks might be a matchup problem with Bogut who is on fire, but otherwise they should have no problem easily getting out of the first round. The second round could match them up against the Magic who they have struggled with, but came away with a win in their last meeting.

My mission is to find not sure bets, but opportunities. I see a very good opportunity with taking the Hawks to win it all at 25/1. Get in now before this line changes closer to 15/1.

Henry Adams